HCF Ceiling Filter

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HCF Ceiling Filter
Media: synthetic fiber as different structure for different density
Fire resistance standard: UL-900 Class2
It possible add galvanized steel, aluminum alloy frame and metal mesh in the air outlet side
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SpecificationFeatures Frame structureApplication
Model HCF-600G
Common Size 22mmT×1.6m×20m        22mmT×2m×20m
Ingredient Polyester
Gram Weight 600g/m2
Capacity of Dust Arrestment 400g/m2
Norm Velocity 0.26m/s
Heat Resistance 120oC
Fire-protection Rating Class F1 DIN53438
Average Trapping Efficiency 97~99%
Initial Pressure Drop 26Pa
Final Pressure Drop 400Pa
HEFIL makes various other models of HCF filter not listed the above table. Please consult with us if you need.
◆Using polyester, polyamide, nylon, etc. chemical synthetic fibers, in accordance with different diameter and density of them, make into a conformation of the increase in density by non-woven process, it has a property of high permeability, low initial resistance and high dust collection rate
◆Using different melting point of exterior and interior of the fiber,thick and thin fibers was fused together by hot-melt fibers, without any chemical adhesives
◆The contacts between the fibers are strong. The integration between the fibers is closer, and the fiber is not easy to shed.
◆Low flammability, fire resistance measures up to Deutsche industry norm DIN53438F1
◆Can be washed repeatedly
◆Can be with galvanized steel or aluminum alloy frame and also expanded metal on the exhaust side, to effectively prevent deformation of the separator under high-speed airflow
◆Can be with galvanized steel or aluminum alloy frame
Model Eff(%) Capacity of Dust Arrestment Initial Pressure Drop
22mmTx1.8mx20m M5 400g/m² 26Pa
◆Apply to the air supply system on top of the spraying-banking booth in painting factory to safeguard a high degree of cleanliness and air-distribution uniformity. Trapping small dust particles and preventing pollution of paint.

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