HCAC Air Filter Cartridge

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HCAC Air Filter Cartridge
Filter efficiency: 99.99% for the 0.5-20µm particle
It is used the excellent air filter paper, bigger filtering area, low resistance
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SpecificationFeatures Frame structureApplication
Type Size(mm) Air flux (m3/min) Filtering fineness (μm) Filtering effect (%) Design differential pressure(MPa) Temperature(°C) Initial pressure(MPa)
HCAC200-05 Φ202×330 10~15 5.0~20 ≥95~99.9 ≤0.08 ≤60 ≤0.00016~0.01
HCAC200-10 Φ202×500 15~25
HCAC200-15 Φ202×660 25~30
HCAC200-20 Φ202×1000 30~50
HCAC320-05 Φ324×330 15~20
HCAC320-10 Φ324×500 20~30
HCAC320-15 Φ324×660 30~40
HCAC320-20 Φ324×1000 40~60
HCAC350-05 Φ352×330 20~30
HCAC350-10 Φ352×500 30~40
HCAC350-15 Φ352×660 40~60
HCAC350-20 Φ352×1000 60~80
HCAC400-05 Φ405×330 30~40
HCAC400-10 Φ405×500 40~60
HCAC400-15 Φ405×660 60~80
HCAC400-20 Φ405×1000 80~100
◆The filter effect is above 99.99% for the 5.0~20μm particle

◆It is used the excellent air filter paper, bigger filtering area, low resistance.
Model Air Flow(m³/min) Eff(%) Initial Pressure Drop
Φ324x660 30~40 ≥95~99.9
Φ324x1000 40~60
Φ352x660 40~60
Φ352x1000 60~80
Φ406x660 60~80
Φ406x1000 80~100
Mainly used as pre-filter for high-efficiency, as well as collecting and filtering dust for gas cleaning system.

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