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  • Hfeil Environmental invites you to visit CRH20222022-07-18 17:25:57
  • See you in Chongqing in August at CRH20222022-07-08 16:10:09
    In the spring of 2022, in view of the seriousness and complexity of the domestic epidemic situation, exhibitions and other large-scale events around the world have pressed the "pause button"
  • Today is Slght Heat2022-07-07 16:03:31
    Shanghai Hefil Purifying Eqipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. wishes you a happy Slght Heat
  • The Partys Day2022-07-01 14:43:52
    Shanghai Hefil Purifying Eqipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Warmly celebrate the 101st anniversary of the Communist Party of China!
  • Today is Summer Solstice2022-06-21 16:39:39
    Shanghai Hefil Purifying Eqipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. wishes everyone a happy Summer Solstice
  • Happy Fathers Day2022-06-19 16:28:26
    Happy Fathers Day from Shanghai Hefil Purifying Eqipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd