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  • Israel customer came to visit Hefils factory2018-07-19 10:40:18
    The foreign customer from Israel came to Shanghai Hefil Purifying Equipment manufacturing co., LTD.have a visit in 2018/7/19.Our general manager and foreign trade colleagues gave a warm reception for
  • USA customer coming to Hefils factory for negotiating filter cooperation2018-04-28 11:04:08
    Warmly welcome to Mikes coming for visiting our factory this week, Mikes company has over 100 years history in making chemical equipment, We negotiated with Hepa and other filter cooperation detail, h
  • Annual Dinner of Shanghai Hefil2018-02-07 14:19:02
    Hefil held annual meeting in the 2/32018, we established new years Hefil spirit"Positive spirit brings positive results Individual team effort makes for success"Hefil wi
  • Hefils regular customer from Astralia visits factory 2017-09-14 14:24:39
    Our Australia customer visits our company today to review all their suppliers, they are one of our oldest customers which have been cooperated for over ten year; meanwhile, their brand is famous in Au
  • OEM partner from Indonesia visits Hefil this week2017-07-28 13:51:49
    Warmly welcome again for overseas friends visit Shanghai Hefil Purifying Equipment Manufacturing and contact about OEM cooperation issuse, hoping we have a good start and great coopeation.
  • Columbia customer from South America visits Hefil 2017-05-22 09:23:09
    Warmly welcome again for overseas friends come to Shanghai Hefil Purifying Equipment Manufacturing have a visit and negotiate about further cooperation issues.