Useful Tips on Pulse Filters Cleaning

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Useful Tips on Pulse Filters Cleaning

Pulse Filters are supported by a reinforcement cage of Venturi tube. There is a blow pipe on the top of the filter bag. During normal work, airstream flows from the outside to the lumen. The dust in the pulse filter can be blocked outside of the surface. When cleaning, pulse controller controlling transient electromagnetic pulse valve is opened and the compressed gas injected a gas jet. The process of pulse filters cleaning is completed points to points without affecting the normal airflow work. Hopper has a material level detector and it will start ash valve and solenoid valve when reaching the set data. The maintenance of the pulse Filters is the most important step to keep the pulse filter working in a normal condition. How to maintain the pulse filters? Actually, pulse filters cleaning plays an important role in the maintenance. Do you k now how to do the pulse filters cleaning? It is not that hard to do the cleaning.

Firstly, you should cut the power off before you do the pulse filters cleaning. It is dangerous if you don't cut off the power because the current of the working pulse filter is strong and voltage is high.

Secondly, remove the air Filter by sliding it out of the pulse filters and then take the filter outside or someplace where you can clean it properly. The place you do the pulse filters cleaning influence the cleaning effect a lot.

Thirdly, turn the filter over and clean both sides of the filter after laying the filter flat over a trash can and use a can of compressed air to blow any loose dust away from the filter and into the trash can.

Fourthly, clean the pulse filters by turning on the water supply and spraying the filter gently with a garden hose and place your thumb over the end of the hose to moderate the force of the spray.

Then the pulse filters cleaning is completed. In this way, you can not only clean the pulse filters, but also many other kinds of filters. If you are in need of air filters, our company is willing to provide the filters you want. You can contact us by visiting We are reliable filter supplier and manufacturer in China. Our products in the market are very popular and win a good reputation. You don't worry about the after-sale service as we are sure to provide good service for you.