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  • How to Choose Reliable Primary Filter Manufacturers2015-09-17 08:28:43
    Times have changed. Peoples demands also change together with the times. For some things, the peoples demand is constantly reduced and for some things, peoples needs are being constantly rising becaus
  • Useful Tips on Pulse Filters Cleaning2015-09-16 08:29:05
    Pulse Filters are supported by a reinforcement cage of Venturi tube. There is a blow pipe on the top of the filter bag. During normal work, airstream flows from the outside to the lumen. The dust in t
  • Pay Attention to the Choice of Cartridge2015-09-15 08:39:16
    People use filters may not be unfamiliar with the filter cartridge. This is the necessary part of any kind of filters no matter air filter or water filter. For Pulse Filters, cartridge of filters is a
  • High-quality Filters for Water Purification Plant2015-09-14 09:08:36
    In water purification plant, Water Filters are necessary devices especially when nowadays water pollution is very serious. Each year, the efforts our government make on waste water treatment is increa
  • Primary Filter------Protector of the Air Condition System2015-09-11 08:28:12
    With the intensification of air pollution, a wide range of air filters has been everyones favorite. There is a kind of useful filter called Primary Filter which has won great popularity because of lar
  • Pocket Filters Widely Used in Our Life2015-09-10 08:39:20
    Pocket filter media which has large filtration area and high filtration efficiency is loved by people all over the world. Pocket filters are widely used in many industries. Here we will start with the