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  • Do You Want to Know PTFE Membrane Cartridge Working Principle2015-06-25 11:15:27
    PTFE Membrane cartridge can be used to purify indoor air electrical appliances product. Generally speaking, there are two categories forming a complete set of central air conditioning air purification
  • More PTFE Membrane Cartridge Applications Bring You More Surprise2015-06-24 08:44:14
    PTFE membrane cartridge is applicable for renovated home with the elderly, children, pregnant women and the newborns residence. Maybe some people have asthma, allergic rhinitis and pollen allergy that
  • High Primary Filter Efficiency Changes Our Common Life2015-06-23 09:36:08
    When clothes are dirty, we can wash. When food is broken, it can be abandoned. If the air is polluted, we cant breathe. At present, the air pollution situation is not optimistic. Common air suspended
  • More Primary Filter Applications Bring More Comfortable Life2015-06-19 08:38:20
    Recently the central television has reported that fog has shrouded in many parts of the east China. As PM2.5, fog about air quality will appear in public. As now the air pollution is very serious in o
  • Do You Really Know the functions of pre-filter2015-06-18 14:14:04
    The pre-filters authority inspection is approved by the government according to government standards or international standards. A third party independent for the industry identity will test the index
  • Let us Talk About How to Clean Pre-filter2015-06-17 08:43:38
    How to clean pre-filter? The pre-filter can maintain good momentum of development. From 2010 to 2012, air purifier amount has risen above 11% year-on-year and gains increasing year by year. The growth