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  • Liquid Bag Filters for Beverage Industry2015-07-09 18:31:50
    Since 1962, industrial filters have been developed and manufactured at our plant in Germany. Today, more researches have been done to the development of filters. The liquid bag filter, as one type of
  • Do You Know Those Terminal HEPA Modules Types2015-07-08 09:22:22
    The so-called Terminal HEPA Modules is synonymous with high-efficiency filtration equipment; especially the one of the Terminal HEPA Modules is in hot pursuit by everyone. This equipment is essential
  • Which has the Most Widely Application - Terminal HEPA Modules2015-07-07 11:51:02
    With the continuous progress of science and technology, many industrial machinery and equipment are constantly improved, the Filters as well. From the most primitive and simple filter to the current p
  • How to Find Super Fine Filter - Shanghai HEFIL2015-07-06 09:57:00
    Many people are wondering how to find super fine filter. Shanghai HEFIL can tell you. It is a professional manufacturing company of purification equipment. It produces a variety of filtration devices
  • Different Steel Filters Stainless, Different Applications2015-07-02 08:35:12
    Most consumers know that the function of filter is to filter things well. I believe that many consumers have used these products, no matter in our work or life. It is relatively common. Of course, dif
  • Let us Talk About How to Use Secondary Filter2015-07-01 08:44:01
    How to use secondary filter? Diesel generator set of secondary HEPA filters contains air filter, oil filter and fuel filter. To extend the service life of secondary HEPA filters in use process, we wil