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  • Different Steel Filters Stainless, Different Applications2015-07-02 08:35:12
    Most consumers know that the function of filter is to filter things well. I believe that many consumers have used these products, no matter in our work or life. It is relatively common. Of course, dif
  • Let us Talk About How to Use Secondary Filter2015-07-01 08:44:01
    How to use secondary filter? Diesel generator set of secondary HEPA filters contains air filter, oil filter and fuel filter. To extend the service life of secondary HEPA filters in use process, we wil
  • Do You Know Secondary Filter2015-06-30 08:34:03
    What is Secondary Filter? Relatively mechanical secondary HEPA filter can effectively remove the above 10 micron particles. And when the particle size is 5 microns or in sub-micron range, efficient me
  • Do You Know How to Use Rigid Box Air Filter2015-06-29 08:51:34
    How to use rigid box air filter do you know? We have no doubt that after using the device should be under great maintenance. We often advise clients change the rigid box air filter once every year. Th
  • Tell You More Advantages of Rigid Box Air Filter2015-06-26 16:07:16
    The rigid box air filter has inertial type, filter type and oil bath type. The inertial type of Rigid Box air filter is due to the density of particles and impurities from the big air density. When pa
  • Do You Want to Know PTFE Membrane Cartridge Working Principle2015-06-25 11:15:27
    PTFE Membrane cartridge can be used to purify indoor air electrical appliances product. Generally speaking, there are two categories forming a complete set of central air conditioning air purification