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  • Superior HEPA Box Functions2015-08-04 11:24:30
    HEPA Box is composed of a mat of randomly arranged fibers. The fibers are typically composed of fiberglass and also possess diameters ranging from 0.5 to 20 micrometers. And the key factor affecting f
  • Wonderful HEPA Box Features You Must Know2015-08-03 08:35:40
    We all know the rapid development of technology, although is a good impetus to economic development of our country, the legacy is indeed a lot of drawbacks such as our current environmental problems.
  • Attractive High Temperature Filter Features2015-07-31 10:25:16
    Obviously, High temperature filter features can be seen from the name that its greatest feature is the high temperature. Then in addition to this, does it have those characteristics and the purpose an
  • High Efficiency of High Performance Air Filters2015-07-30 10:47:34
    In modern industry, the filter has been widely used in many ways. Now some people may ask, what is a filter? In simple terms, the filter is a filter that can capture a large number of very small parti
  • Main Types of Gel Seal Hepa Filters2015-07-29 14:06:33
    Filter is a kind of device which is an efficient automatic filtration unit and it is easy to operate. It is widely used in different areas such as chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, food, paper
  • Help You Know What Gel Seal Hepa Filter Is2015-07-28 09:34:20
    The gel is factory-installed and factory-cured in the perimeter channels of Filters designed for fluid seal applications. The cured gel has the self-healing qualities of a liquid while retaining the s