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  • Kitchen Air Filter Makes Your Home Clean2015-08-11 13:56:50
    There is growing recognition of air filtration systems should not only protect the machinery, but also to protect people. Thus, air filter has extended the range of applications. Kitchen hood filter i
  • Industrial filter cartridges Housing Features2015-08-10 10:35:53
    By pressure control and timing automatic control we can clean the Industrial filter Cartridges housing. When the filter impurities accumulate in the Industrial filter cartridges housing, the importers
  • How to Clean Industrial Filter Cartridges2015-08-07 17:42:34
    Industrial filter is a filter widely used in metallurgical, chemical, oil, paper, pharmaceutical, food, mining, electricity and urban water supply fields. It is used in such as renewable industrial wa
  • Grease Filters Make Everything Clean2015-08-06 14:08:20
    Grease filter has many advantages apart from simple Grease Filters working condition. First, the Grease Filter plate combined with high oil arrest low pressure loss. It comes standard with a protectiv
  • Simple Grease Filters Working Principle2015-08-05 09:59:09
    The Grease Filters can also be used for gas or other large particulate filtration media, installed in the pipe can remove large solid impurities in the fluid. So that equipment can normally work to
  • Superior HEPA Box Functions2015-08-04 11:24:30
    HEPA Box is composed of a mat of randomly arranged fibers. The fibers are typically composed of fiberglass and also possess diameters ranging from 0.5 to 20 micrometers. And the key factor affecting f