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  • How to Avoid Buying Filters of Poor Quality2015-09-08 08:22:49
    With the air more and more polluted in the modern society, people are looking for an effective device used to purify the air we breathe in. Pleated cartridge filters are the most effective ones which
  • Teach You How to Choose Pleated Air Filter2015-09-07 08:27:18
    Pleated air filter is a kind of high-efficiency air filter which has been widely used in our everyday life. Wide range of contaminants from the air, including molds, gases, dirt and odors can be remov
  • Attractive Advantages of Washable Filters2015-09-06 08:25:49
    Industrial Washable Filter is versatile vacuum purification equipment. Its main role is to collect industrial production waste generated, dust or bulk materials cleaning and collection, as well as to
  • V Bank Filter Types You Want to Know2015-09-02 08:25:25
    The filter can be divided into air Filters, liquid filters, network filter and light filter according to the filter media. You may dont know that the origin of the air filter comes from Rome in the 1s
  • What Is V Bank Filter2015-09-01 08:24:47
    Then what is v bank filter? The v bank filter is a device used to deal with sediment, rust, suspended solids, algae, bacteria, minerals, and other kinds of pollution in the water. The v bank filter is
  • Do You Know How to Use Terminal Filter Box2015-08-31 08:24:29
    A Terminal Filter Box is widely used in drinks, juices, wine, brewing water and sterile filtration. The equipment has features as follows: 1. The membrane pore size of the terminal filter box is small