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  • Shanghai Hefil attended 2016 CRH Exhibition in Beijing2016-04-13 13:28:13
    We are professional making air filters, chemical filters liquid filter, HEPA box , FFU and EFU clean room equipment. We started from 2003, and our company have got ISO9001:2008 ,our products have pass
  • Hefil Purification Company 2015 Annual Celebration2016-01-21 14:46:36
    Hefil Purification Company 2015 Annual Celebration
  • How to Select the Mostr Suitable Pocket Filter2015-09-21 13:46:58
    With the improvement of living standard and increasing demand of high-quality life, Pocket filters have stepped into our life. Some users have very simple filter selection criteria. They think that as
  • Do You Know How to Design Cardboard Filters2015-09-18 08:35:38
    With the rapid development of industry and technology, our environment is becoming seriously polluted. More and more people are paying attention to protecting the environment especially when the pollu
  • How to Choose Reliable Primary Filter Manufacturers2015-09-17 08:28:43
    Times have changed. Peoples demands also change together with the times. For some things, the peoples demand is constantly reduced and for some things, peoples needs are being constantly rising becaus
  • Useful Tips on Pulse Filters Cleaning2015-09-16 08:29:05
    Pulse Filters are supported by a reinforcement cage of Venturi tube. There is a blow pipe on the top of the filter bag. During normal work, airstream flows from the outside to the lumen. The dust in t