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  • Primary Filter------Protector of the Air Condition System2015-09-11 08:28:12
    With the intensification of air pollution, a wide range of air filters has been everyones favorite. There is a kind of useful filter called Primary Filter which has won great popularity because of lar
  • Pocket Filters Widely Used in Our Life2015-09-10 08:39:20
    Pocket filter media which has large filtration area and high filtration efficiency is loved by people all over the world. Pocket filters are widely used in many industries. Here we will start with the
  • Pleated Filter Knowledge You do not Know2015-09-09 08:27:34
    Speaking of pleated air filter VS fiberglass, we need to give a brief introduction on fiberglass filter firstly. Fiberglass filter uses fiber glass as material. Fiberglass is a kind of excellent inorg
  • How to Avoid Buying Filters of Poor Quality2015-09-08 08:22:49
    With the air more and more polluted in the modern society, people are looking for an effective device used to purify the air we breathe in. Pleated cartridge filters are the most effective ones which
  • Teach You How to Choose Pleated Air Filter2015-09-07 08:27:18
    Pleated air filter is a kind of high-efficiency air filter which has been widely used in our everyday life. Wide range of contaminants from the air, including molds, gases, dirt and odors can be remov
  • Attractive Advantages of Washable Filters2015-09-06 08:25:49
    Industrial Washable Filter is versatile vacuum purification equipment. Its main role is to collect industrial production waste generated, dust or bulk materials cleaning and collection, as well as to