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  • Stainless Steel Filter Features You Want To Know2015-08-25 08:45:42
    At the early time, Filters are usually gravity filters. Then, pressurized filtering improves the filtration rate. After that, vacuum filtration appeared. The invention of the vacuum drum filter achiev
  • Do You Know About Mini Pleat HEPA Filter2015-08-24 10:17:59
    In modern days, HEPA filters are applied in various industries by wise human. HEPA, which is short for High-efficiency particulate air, is a type of air filter. It is composed of a mat of randomly arr
  • Working Principles of Stainless Steel Filter2015-08-21 08:58:08
    Filter media can be divided into air filter and water filter. Filter cartridge has a certain size. So impurities can be blocked before entering. When you need cleaning, remove the cartridge simply and
  • Best Liquid Bag Filters on Hot Sale2015-08-20 08:32:33
    Since 1962, Industrial filters have been developed and manufactured at our plant in Germany. Today, more researches have been done to the development of filters. The liquid bag filter, as one type of
  • Pharmaceutical Air Filters Ensure the Safety of Medicine2015-08-19 08:46:54
    As is known to all, the air filters are widely used in the industry areas and homes. However, do you know the pharmaceutical air filters design especially designed for medical production? Pharmaceutic
  • Benefits of Mini Pleat HEPA Filter2015-08-18 08:46:45
    The United States Department of Defense developed the HEPA filter first in the 1950s. The aim is to prevent service men and women from the dangers of radioactive fallout. HEPA refers to the high effic