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  • Tips on Electronic Industry Air Filters Maintenance2015-07-22 09:32:16
    Nowadays, an increasing number of people pay heavy attention on water quality for 50% of chlorine exposure occurs in the shower. Scientists even found that chlorinated water is extremely harmful to hu
  • Useful Methods of Designing Electronic Industry Air Filters2015-07-21 09:55:24
    The history of the Air filters will help to know how to design electronic industry air filters. The early 1990s, there has risen a discussion about the problem that the filter paper contains Boron abr
  • Tips on How to Maintain Ceiling Filter Housing2015-07-20 09:20:27
    Air Filter refers to the air filtering device, generally used for clean shop, clean operating rooms, laboratories and cleanrooms, or for dust-proof electronic machinery and communications equipment an
  • Do You Know How to Maintain Ceiling Filter Housing2015-07-17 10:16:25
    Nowadays, more and more people pay their attention to the environment around them. When the serious Haze spreads everywhere, many diseases we had never heard before appear. Some can even cause the can
  • How Much Do You Know About G4 Filter Working Principle2015-07-16 14:23:14
    In the modern industry, filters have been widely used in many aspects. Now some people may ask, what is a filter? In simple terms, filter is a type of filter that can trap a large amount of very small
  • G4 Filter Applications in our daily life2015-07-15 17:57:47
    With peoples increasing requirements on the environmental-friendly products, filters have been widely used in recent years. No matter in our life, manufacture or academic areas, filters can be seen an