Industrial filter cartridges Housing Features

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Industrial filter cartridges Housing Features

By pressure control and timing automatic control we can clean the Industrial filter Cartridges housing. When the filter impurities accumulate in the Industrial filter cartridges housing, the importers pressure increases to the set value. When the filter backwash suction Handicap and imports are on, the drain valve will be opened. Then the system pressure relief drain, the inside of the sucker and the emergence of a relative pressure below the filter cartridge outside of the pressure of the negative pressure area, forcing some clean recycled water from the outside of the filter flows into the inside of the filter.

The Industrial Cartridge filter Housing is adsorbed on the inner wall of the impurity particles with the water intake and discharge from the sewage valve Rang tray. Specially designed filter allows the filter element internally generated jet effects, any impurities will be washed away from the smooth inner wall. When the filter pressure drop back to normal or timer setting time has elapsed during the whole process, the material continues to flow and backwash water consumption will be lower. The industrial filter achieves a continuous and automated production.

Industrial filter cartridges housing features make Industrial filter cartridges more practical to use.
1. Industrial filter cartridges using patented internal mechanical structure to achieve a true sense of the high-pressure backwash function. This structure makes it easy to clean, the flux without attenuation ensures the efficiency of filtration and keeps its long life.
2. Industrial filter cartridges housing can realize automatic backwash by its own search function. They can cope with erratic fluctuations in water quality, without human intervention.
3. Industrial filter cartridges have less wearing parts, no consumables and low operation and maintenance costs. It is simple to operate and manage.
4. Industrial filter cartridges control system is responsive and operation precise. According to the water and the filtration accuracy, the time setting and time backpressure can be flexibly adjusted.   
5. Various Industrial filter cartridges housing should be backwashed in turn. This will ensure filters to be safe, efficient and clean while the other screens are not affected. It makes Industrial filter cartridges continue working.
6. Filter device structure design is compact and reasonable. What's more, it has small footprint and flexible installation of mobile.
7. Filtration equipment electrical systems with integrated control mode. You can achieve remote control.
8. Industrial filters cartridges have short duration of backwash, backwash water consumption which makes environmental protection realized.

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