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Finished the CIPM expo in Chongqing during 11/5-11/7, although this is the first time for Hefil to attend the expo, however, we still got manu visitors to came and contacted with us in filter cooperation;

We showed the main three series air filters in the expo:air filter,filtration equipment, clean room equipments, though this expo we found lots of potential customers and also provide us chance to expand the Hefil brand influence,it will made good foundation for the future customer cooperation;


The mostest popular products we showed is BOBO which is also our newest product this year, it can used in hospital and other occasions which have poisonous and radiated meterial, the box can filtrate the air and don't cause people and environment pollution;

Anyway, thoughout the 3days hard working in the expo, we know the mediacal related industry well and let those company know hefil and our product well to provide them clean air in the future;

In the future, Hefil will take more high-quality products, advanced technology and better service as goal to make a better Hefil brand;