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Technical Data

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Shanghai HEFIL Purifying Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, and it has a reputation of HEFIL brand at home and abroad. HEFIL is devoted to the development, manufacturing, wholesale and retail of air filters, Chemical filters, high temperature filters, fan filter units, other cleaning equipments and clean room products, and it can also provide the services of related technology and equipments.

HEFIL has the most advanced computer-controlled automatic production lines for the production of mini-pleat panel air filters, separator Air filters and cartridge filters, also is provided with the perfect testing process and the dust-free workshops. All kinds of purification and filtration products made by HEFIL are widely used in semiconductor

industry, electronics industry, nuclear industry, pharmaceuticals industry, biotic experiment, food and beverage industry, electromechanical device, environmental protection, chemical industry, painting industry, automobile industry and other fields.

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